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Timber Lakes cabin rec area
Timber Lakes is a beautiful place, it does lack ammenities. You can spend hours walking or driving around checking out
 the array of cabin's ranging from Uncle Louie's weekend project to massive Deer Valley style mansions and EVERYTHING
in between. There is much to explore... kinda. It is getting better, whey are actually building trails now, I think you can use them
if I am with you to hold your hand and "accompany" you or if you make an effigy of anyone in my family. Straw is by the laundry.
WANT TO BUY YOUR OWN LAKE? So when Timber Lakes was established with premiere planning and grand vision the dozen
or so lakes were seen as a potential source of income... "let's make a community with fishing lakes and boat rental" was the
original idea- would have worked longer than the first day with a bit of foresight. Opening day at the boat rental and bait shop came, the
stocked lake just waiting for hordes of sportsmen ready to catch their fill. One of the first came, rented a boat in cash, set
out to catch his fill and ... did anyone remember to write waivers? He tipped his boat, nearly drowned and, while still gasping
for breath threatened to sue. The whole operation was canned that day, closed down and never reopened. No Trespassing
signs were erected and all of the beautiful lakes were considered too dangerous. Maybe it's the altitude. Oh, but they are
for sale now. For a mere couple million bucks you can own Witts like, 55 acres of beauty, however you don't own the water.
Small detail until you realize that it's June by the time the snow melts up here and by the end of July the local farmers start
draining the water to use on their crops. About August 15 the lakes look like a mud hole- given up all the moisutre for the local
crop of sheep. They are still taking buyer bids, don't delay.
NATIONAL FOREST a few miles up the road has all you want, but Timberlakes is missing it, and at times access to it.
WILDLIFE: We have it!- here is a list of birds locals have seen:black-billed magpie, robin, downy woodpecker, hairy
woodpecker, northern flicker, bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, raven, black-capped chickadee, purple finch,
cedar waxwing, black-chinned hummingbird, rufous hummingbird, steller's jay, western scrub-jay, white-breasted nuthatch,
mallard, canvasback, ringed-neck duck, bufflehead, canada goose, killdeer.
WE HAVE ANIMALS: Deer, moose, fox, squirrel, elk, badger, beaver, bear, vole, pot gut, marmot, coyote,
cougar, chipmonk, and a host of little critters. The most common seen, as reported by our guests, are deer and moose.
The rest seem to keep hidden pretty well.
So what would YOU do with 45000 sqfeet of mountain retreat? Timber Lakes USED to try to be very cool, they even put in a
clubhouse for everyone, large enough to host and sleep the population of Eastern Kentucky with room yet for your own family
reunion (unless that is one in the same). The club house, well over 30,000 sqft now, was a great amenity until the executive
decision was made to sell it off over a decade ago. By whom and for what is still under wraps. Where the money went and who
actually sold it and who had permission to sell it is, as of 2009, still being discussed in court. It's now labeled "Hamalot" and
the 8th wonder of the world can be seen, or just the minaret, may be seen from a good portion of Timberlakes. It's beauty
reminds me of a quartz crystal... the thing keeps growing at odd angles with off shoots and towers and decks and rooms and
houses and more decks and- you get the idea. Currently name Timber Moose Lodge.
So since the area is a grade 3 fire zone no outdoor fires are allowed, no fireworks, roasting-pig luau pits, etc. No hunting...
I can't count on one hand the sportsmen who have been found in the area ("Maybe I can get a better shot from on top of that
guy's hot tub...). Crazy... Wildlife abound, moose, deer, occasional bear, potguts, badgers, eagles, squirrles and even mountain
lion have been seen.
SLEDDING See our sledding page, losts of places to sled, one crazy road shuts down in the winter since it is too steep to take
care of in the winter. Did I just say road care? Oh... the stories... I would tell some of them but the nameless parties are still alive
AND employed, or not. Tales of
fist fights, night-time sabatoge, purposeful plowing in the driveways of the vocal... ya. On another note-bring fourwheel drive
any time snow is mentioned on a weather report, anywhere.
WEBSITE: Timber Lakes is on the web at
One more piece of local trivia, our cabin is inadvertently one of the ONLY legal rentals in Timber Lakes that we know of- rather key in a time when
the area is on a witch hunt for rental owners. The guillotine is open on Saturdays between 11 and 3, the crowds show up around 10:30. kidding
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