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Local Eats
So, tastes vary and what we love you may not... so here is our attempt at being objective for local places. I have included some info on ratings too since general consensus is far more potentially accurate than our snap shots...

Want to stay in? If hauling your whole family into town only to be unable to talk due to seating, noise and servers rushing you out isn't your gig consider setting up dinners with our in house catering and chef options. They can produce an amazing meal right in house.

Where to eat out... or in
More info to come here.... our favorite place to eat in Heber is The Blue Boar Inn. Fine french cuisine, though not daily fare as it's rich and pricey.
The Mexican place in Midway is good,
Mountain House is good too.
Snake Creek looks down on little kids being there, even the well behaved ones, never going back there.
Inn on the Creek has great food and acceptable service.
Lots of options in town for a quick bite, local and chain, I like the local though there are a host of greasy spoon places. Have a fave? Email us with your review!