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So this page is for the sled-heads, the wanna-be-sled-heads and anyone else getting on a machine while at the cabin... THIS is why Timber Lakes exists in my opinion. Yes, the rest of the year is nice, gorgeous and secluded, pretty fall leaves, but where else can you ride from the door of the cabin (which is about an hour from an airport) and in under 15 minutes be carving up EPIC backcountry terrain?!? This place ROCKS!

DRIVEWAY ONLY: No machines on the grounds other than the driveway. no exceptions. Our driveway only, Never go on other's private property.

RENTALS: Click the link above to open a page for the snowmobile rental company, delivery is free, Snowmobiles are delivered to a drop lot downhill from us.

SLOW AND LOW: Piped / loud machines are not ok and will get cited. ($150) Going over 25 mph in Timber Lakes will get you and your deposit in trouble.

SIGNAGE: In Timber Lakes there are a few signs to indicate the way to the snowmobile exit/ easement. This is all well and good but realize they are only on one side of the tree. 3000 acres of cabin area, 50 miles of roads.... The other side of the tree does NOT have a sign telling you how to get home to The Aspen Moose cabin- ya- BINGO. TAKE A GPS!

COMMUNICATION:Verizon works best, T-Mobile is ok. Sprint what? Line of sight radios are always a plus. coverage is better at higher altitudes for cell.
INJURY:You are WAY too far from SLC, so don't get hurt. I personally would make the drive if my child was hurt though; Unless some new docs have arrived in Heber get to Primary Children's in SLC. Wait.. SKIP that, just don't put small kids on sleds! 80% of injuries happen to the passenger. 75% of those are orthopaedic injuries and more often than not involve the head.. bringing us to...

ALWAYS WEAR HELMETS AND....never ever ever ride alone. 100% legit- take a buddy always, it is VERY easy to get lost up here and even easier to get hit by an out of control car. If you are alone how will they know who is stuck into the grill of their F-350?

RIDING AREAS:Here are some spots to ride to:Tower rider drop in points (be careful of the cornice) 40-2426.53n 111-1100.17w or more conservative and a little bit away at 40-2438.05n 111-1051.80w tower mountain peak 40-2416.90n 111-1111.45 w good cornice jumping 40-2811.00n 111-0756.23w
some hill climbing (mellow) 40-2341.15n 111-1057.98w

Beginners: can ride on the roads... (snow covered are better than dry); there are a couple lakes that people poach and ride all over and are great for newbies. PROS can carve up the trail free backcountry, negotiate water hazards, hill climb, launch AMAZING cornices, ride till you drop and never cross your tracks twice on a million acres... or at least have one pro in your group in the back country, people die out there... Intermediate? Stay in the cabin and watch SLEDNECKS or THUNDERSTRUCK videos after you get tired of the lakes and roads. The backcountry has a lot of potential hazards so only ride with someone who knows their stuff out there. No Joke. There are maintained trails once you are up to the Tower Mtn area, one goes to Mill Hollow, one to Strawberry and another back down Lake Creek.

TRESPASSING: In Timber Lakes nearly everything else is private. At the cabin sleds are ONLY allowed in the driveway are, NOT allowed out back. Want your deposit returned? ...thought so. Driveway only.

HOURS: If you stay at The Aspen Moose you can ride 8am to 8pm only. No machine use outside of that window or you will kiss your deposit good bye.

PASSES: Yes, you need to get a pass from us for EACH machine, you need to arrange this at least 2 weeks before you come, they are stickers.

WEATHER:If you ride the backcountry, or even the roads, know that we have sneaky weather; the storms come up the canyon. KEEP A CLOSE WATCH, it can turn whiteout in minutes. If you see an eastbound storm get home or you may be spending the night, visibility can drop to 3-5 feet... not enough room to keep from hitting a tree well or water area in lake creek drainage.

EASEMENT:So Timber Lakes is nearly surrounded by private property. In order to access the backcountry/ National Forest you must pass through a gate and 1 mile or so of easement on LDS Church Property. They have been very kind in letting us through, please keep it that way. You cannot ride on their land otherwise. If you mess around with the system you will get fined, we will be notified as we own the passes and you will be additionally heavily fined by us. Stay in the marked easement boundaries, play by the rules; we have fought long and hard for this ability, don't mess it up please.

HAZARDS:Once in the Lake Creek backcountry, officially National Forest, we recommend following the path most traveled for the next mile or so until obvious open fields emerge. There are MANY streams, holes, water hazards and buried pitfalls in the first mile, I have seen sleds need to be abandoned until spring. Once it opens up I recommend bearing to the right and follow the bas of the ridge up to tower mountain area, the riders left side of the valley are you ascend has several buried stream beds that you may only discover as you are sailing over the edge into a 20ft abyss. Yup- been there done that. Stay right.

Snowmobile info
CLICK for snowmobile back country maps for:
Mill Hollow
Currant Creek
If the links of these areas don't work then just Google them, the state changes locations of these regularly.
Uinta National Forest