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ATV Side-bySide UTV Motorcycle users need to read this page
So Timber Lakes is the area where you may ride these... there is also National Forest land that we are close to, there is riding in there as well. however there are a few things to be aware of. There are a LOT of machines used in the local area, there are both regulations and precautions.

RENTALS: Click the link above for the rental website and rates. There is free delivery usually to our cabin, but not to the door when there is snow.

RIDING AREA: You may only use the machines on the roads in Timber Lakes, 25mph strictly followed. they must be only driven in the cabin driveway and not on ANY of the grounds. There are 30 to 50 miles of road to ride on, mostly dirt and some unimproved. I am not an ATV rider though there are so many machines used in the area people must love riding there. So we are right by National Forest, where I believe you can rider anywhere. That area is accessable by leaving Timber Lakes and going a few miles up the road and it is not uncommon to see ATVs on the road up there, so essentiall you can rider there from the cabin at your own risk. Once in the National Forest you have about a million acres to explore. In the winter ATVs may NOT use the snowmobile access gate to get into the National Forest directly.

WINTER: You may only ride on the roads in winter and we suggest 4 wheel drive machines only. They are not allowed to cross the easement into the backcountry, that is snowmboiles only.

AT THE CABIN: You may only, ONLY have machines in the driveway. You surrender your deposit if you ride in the yard or on the grounds at ALL.

SPEED: 25mph is the law for all vehicles in Timber Lakes; you may be ticketed for higher speeds. Be aware that others may ride recklessly, that is not a reason to join in. Could be worse, Island Park just instituted 5mph limit! Really??-!

TRAILS: There are no trails, and riding on private property is heavily forbidden and punished as is riding on the cabin grounds. You will lose your deposit to sater with for these violations. You must leave Timber Lakes by road and go east into the Uinta National Forest, there are public use trails there. 15 min ride.

PERMITS: You must obtain permits from us in order to both ride the machines in Timber Lakes as well as get them in the gate. You will be turned away if you show up without such passes. We do not guarantee anything regarding machines, ability to use them, enter with them and the entire process of planned use, use and such is at your own risk. We must buy the passes for you, please inquire.

TICKETS: You can be cited for violating the contract terms below regarding ATV use; the citation will be sent to us and then you are cited by us as well; we don;t mess around with people who jeopardize our good name. We only want respectful guests who follow policies at our cabin. We have zero tolerance for the rest, please stay somewhere else if you are prone to riding crazy. We pay many thousands of dollars for keeping the place nice and the roads in good shape; we will nail you for disregarding this. Group leaders must be responsible to actions by any group member.

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