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Sledding, Tubing etc.
There is great sledding up here, it is awesone!- so bring your sleds, bring your kids, we do not provide any of either of those. Great sledding is right at the cabin so no need to pack for the day, just walk out and have a blast!

Babies: Pullilng kids on sleds is a great time, there are some short rather flat areas in and around the cabin for that, if on the road mind that you share the road with snowmobiles, fourwheelers and occasional traffic. Some times kids will make a sledding run in the trees infront of the cabin as well, the "front yard"

Kids: So kids in general will have a blast sledding on a long sloping downhill in front of the cabin. Please supervise with adults on hand at all times. We recommend one at the top and one adult at the bottom. The hill is really long if you do both parts, it is steep enough for a great time especially with the kids and teens. A few laps on it and the little ones will be ready for hot cocoa and early bed! When the snow is fast we have went over 500 yards on this hill.

Wearing Stripes: Don't kill your children by pulling them behind an ATV or snowmobile, only to have them go into the wheels if you stop unexpectedly.

Offsite Tubing: There is tubing in Park City where you have a tow line and it is like a little resort for tubers.

Solider Hollow in Midway is also about 20 minutes away and is a blast and a lot closer than Park City. I have to tell you, our family, even down to age 2 and 3 had a BLAST at the tubing hill here... a must repeat every year. Solider Hollow hill has a rope tow and about 6 long runs that are perfect for all ages. Sometimes there is hot cocoa onsite and there is a lodge if you go on a cold day.

Sledding in Heber, in Midway and at the cabin
...and a view from the bottom
Sledding hill from the top...