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Waterskiing & Boating
So if you are bringing your own boat or seados or whatever check out our parking
page for info about where to put them...

20-25 minutes from the cabin are 2 water rec areas, Deer Creek and Jordanelle.
Both of these areas have boating, Jordanelle has rentals too. Deer Creek is a spot for ice fishing too, for those inclined to freeze their buns off staring at a hole.

45 minutes from the cabin there are additional public use reservoirs which are great too, few amenities but great glass for skiing.

These areas are well established, have a lot of options and so I will just give you the website links here and let you go check out all of the details.

At Timber Lakes you can park your rec vehicles in a secure area for free. We do not recommend bringing them to park at the cabin, the lot for them is 3 miles away just inside from the guard shack. There are steps you must take for this, see the parking page.

Water rec locally
20 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes
25 minutes
40 minutes