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Cabin Layout
We have altered our layout, we can email you file with an updated floor plan.
DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE when you are there.

Our layout and bedding set-up has changed, we need to update this page, sorry!
The port-a-cribs should be in the lower master and upper bedroom closets

We have some spare linens out and spare towels in case you need- please do not use these to clean messes, we have rags for that.

Please only use our laundry soap that we provide, NEVER bleach, NEVER use dryer sheets NO BLEACH EVER.

Please DO NOT REARRANGE FURNITURE. Our cleaners cannot move couches; if you rearrange things we have to fix it and that will cost, we have reasons for where things are at. Often it takes more than one person and we then have to hire people to come up to move things back to how it was... you may have a group of 18 at the cabin, we may only have a cleaning crew of 1 or 2 women who do not move furniture. Please leave things as they are.