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Maps and Cabin Parking
Check this page over, parking may seem boring, however when your car gets towed and the bill requires a second mortage to payoff you wish you read it.

SUMMER PARKING First of all we recommend carpooling; aside from the fact that driving solo wastes gas, why not spend another hour or so with Uncle Roy? Let's define "summer", most of May until most of Spetember; this is defined by "the time we don't have snow", it does not indicate it is warm outside. We have a circular drive, it has "spokes" off of that round wheel that, in the summer, can park a lot of cars, about 5 in the spokes and 4 or 5 in the drive. NEVER park on the road, towing occurs without notice and no one will know to where or by whom your car was towed and it is somewhere in either salt lake or provo with a huge fee.

LOT /OTHER PARKING (motorhomes, boats, etc) A lot of guests bring or rent a boat and want a place to "drop" it. There is a parking lot just inside the gate at the entrance to Timber Lakes that is for the big stuff. Don't park a motorhome at the cabin, boats will just clog up the driveway and will be a pain to get out; just park them at the bottom. YOU NEEED A PERMIT to park at the bottom, they are, as of this writing, free. That may change like everything else up here. There is no cell service at the lot or gate areas.

ATVs / SNOWMOBILE TRAILER PARKING AT MID-LOT There is a parking lot at the pond on the lower part of Timber Lakes Dr. that is for trailers, again, you need a permit to leave a trailer there, do not park a vehicle there without a trailer or it will be towed or ticketed. ATVs are ONLY allowed in the driveway, NOT on the grounds at all, this is a fast way to lose your deposit.

WINTER PARKING Winter is hit and miss in Sep through Nov, certain Dec to March and April is usually slushy. This means you need 4 wheel drive during those months. Little kids (2-5) LOVE sledding down the driveway: it's not too steep, they are in sight and so you may want to carpool so they have enough room to sled without eating a bumper.

CABIN WINTER PARKING: In the winter, depending on how much snow we get depends upon how much parking there is, we suggest carpool (they there are more of you to push you out when you get stuck). you can always fit 4 or 5 cars in, but if you want to get plowed out there are more vehicles to move to get the plow guy in. We commonly get a foot or 2 in the winter with a storm; plan ahead. NEVER park on the street- EVER. NEVER park at another cabin, EVER.
NEVER park at another cabin's driveway.
NEVER park on the street ANYWHERE in Timber Lakes
They do tow.
They do boot.
They do ticket.
They LOVE nailing you on this like some sick game. Beware.
We don't give out cabin location until booked, sorry. THEN you get maps.
Checkout the snowmobile page for area maps.