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What to bring...
We have two seasons to prepare for, Snow and NoSnow. Some of you are couch potatoes and will not plan to venture outside, bring 'outdoor stuff' anyway; then there are the snowmobilers who may never set foot in the cabin. Either way we hope this page helps you plan; this is a must read for a good marriage, otherwise you'll be drawing straws to see who gets to go home for the______.

SWIMSUIT for hot tub; we have towels already.
CAMERA, AA batteries, memory cards... chargers...
IPOD or other music source... we have a cable to IN line it.
DO NOT BRING YOUR PET: the fine you will incur for bringing your pet will make your last vet bill look like a gratuity. Please leave them home.
CELL PHONE CHARGER: your phone may roam a lot and it will drain the battery 5x faster than usual.
PJs; remind Uncle Rupert... beaters and undies don't fly with the fam.
FAVORITE PILLOW: we have nice pillows, but I never sleep well on hotel pillows; something about my own pillow can change the whole night for me
EARPLUGS: something about having relatives in the same house always makes me really glad for earplugs.
POLARFLEECE and HAT; evenings get chilly nearly all year; taking walks is great fun until you are hypothermic.
SLIPPERS spring, summer and fall. We have a lot of tile, but in the winter the tile is heated, very nice... If you heat the floors in summer you will bake by lunchtime.
BOOTS: so the "yard" and woods have a lot of sticker plants, this is a mountain... we don't recommend open toed footwear outside unless you veg on the deck.
GLASSES: you will want to see the stars... and contact solutions.
SPARE CAR KEYS: if your spouse looses them in the cabin or in the snow you will need a second mortgage to pay the locksmith.
OUTDOOR GAMES: we have some, but not too many as those parts get lost too easily outside.
SUNSCREEN: year round you will burn faster up here.
VOICE RECORDER: if you are getting to hang out with Great Grandpa it may be a great time to record stories from the old days before it's too late.
HAND LOTION and WATER BOTTLE: you dry out up there FAST due to the altitude; great place to turn into a raisin.
PAPER CUPS AND PLATES: some people may want to skip doing dishes for 20 three times a day. Use paper not plastic; Be smart- go green!
EARPLUGS: in case you are not used to sleeping within a mile of that new baby cousin Jenny is brining, bless her heart. Did I already mention these?
SHAMPOO: we have generic shower soap that is not intended for people who care about their hair.
TOOTHBRUSH AND PASTE: We have loaner brushes, they are in the cleaning bucket in an off-white color should you forget.
GOOD BOOK: Have a good old book that you want to trade? donate or trade it in our book swap library.
FORETHOUGHT: take a minute and forecast what you may want and will not want to drive for 2 hours to go back and get... what will Grandma forget?

TAKE THE DIRECTIONS!! You will cause people to waste hours looking for you, this area is HUGE, all woods, poorly marked and easy to get lost. GPS may work.

DIAPERS, DIAPERCREME because town is so far away at 1am
SOUND MACHINE: We have a sound system that can make white noise, but if someone else wants music during naptime you may want your own machine,
LIPBALM It is very dry on the mountain, especially in winter
MATTRESS PAD: In case your 5 year old drinks too much it's a good idea
SPARE SHOES... I have a child who cannot keep out of water, anytime of year... sound familiar?
KIDS: favorite movie, blanket, sippie cup, stuffed animal, kiddie spoon; yes there are some things we don't stock or they disappear when we do... Sun hat, small bucket and shovel to play outside;JACKETS- take a night walk with them and show them the amazing stars!BABY: extra port-a-crib; we have two, but will your sister arrive 5 min earlier and lay claim? We have 2 high chairs. Don't allow children in the hot tub, you may sterilize them and not have grandkids.

SNOW Season Guests: (it get's damncold in Jan some times.- and yes, that's one word; it is truly a proper adjective for those 2 weeks)
BOOTS: Everyone will need boots to get between the cabin and car. Leave the designer stiletto ones at home or you'll break your neck. 80's moon boots work too.
GLOVES: If you think you will stay inside the whole time you will miss out on a lot of fun in MOUNDS of snow with the kiddos, throw in a pair.
SNOWPANTS: If you might want to go sledding thow them in. Once you get to the cabin going home for gear is not an option.
SUNSCREEN: You may get fried quickly in the winter.
HAT, JACKET, GOGGLES? Anti-fog wipes? Chapstick? GPS for snowmobilers
POLAR FLEECE jacketSHOVEL in your car; planning to park at the parking lot? it sometimes does not get plowed for days.
SNOWSCRAPER for your car, it may snow feet at a time.
DIESEL? Extension cord to plug in your diesel; we have an outdoor outlet to the left of the front door just for this
SHOVEL and tow rope if you get stuck on the hill>
BE PREPARED and think ahead!

Packing up!
We provide towels & bedding, etc. Bring toiletries.