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Weather & Winter Info
SEASONS: We have winter that usually comes in in mid november, snow is plentiul usually
and lasts longer when it is deeper. Snow is susally off the ground by Cinco de Mayo.

WEATHER: The cabin is in the mountains, it is at the altitude of most of America's ski resorts
(7600 feet) So bring a sweater for summer nights while you hang out on the deck or watch the
stars from the hot tub, but we don't recommend the sweater in the hot tub. It can snow late Aug
to mid June!
We have 2 hot weeks sometime between July 15 and Aug 15... fall nights start by late August.
Sept and Oct are BEAUTIFUL with leaves and sunny days.
Nov is winter moving in, snow is hit and miss until
Dec 5, always white. and therefore a white Christmas.
Jan is snowy and usually has a really cold week or so, lots of snowy
Feb it gets DEEP DEEP! great skiing but...
Mar is pure snow. DEEP DEEP DEEP; best snowmobiling month on the calendar.
April is gorgeous sunny with big dump snowstorms and melting by the third week.
May is wonderful warm and snow is gone by week 1, my favorite month to be there.
June is GREEN, Garden of Eden green.
July is warm to hot and dries out by the end. We do have Central Air
AUG is usually warm and dry, fall starts to creep in about the 15th with cooler nights

ACCESS: We are accessable year round, you do need fourwheel drive or equivalent in the snowy
times, usually Oct-Novish to Aprilish. We are on a plow route and contract the driveway care.

Climate Change: We have NO idea how to predict things these years, so, we have added a cooling
system to the cabin as some years we have hot weeks, some years we don't; global warming is very evident these years.

4x4 and all wheel drive: You need to reserve 4 wheel drive rental cars far in advance in SLC since, due to the ski industry, they book up FAR in advance. You can chance it however others have and have also totalled vehicles & spent hundred of dollars and many hours getting towed out. Just bring 4 wheel.

What you should know... ( How not to kill your family )
If you try to come in the winter without 4 wheel drive thinking you will be fine please let us know so we can alert the tow service to keep an eye out for you over an edge.