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POLICIES: These are the basics, the contract will give you the whole scoop, but this will give you a general idea of how we roll.

DEPOSITS: So if you come we can bet we have screened you well and you are a good guest... and in the past 2 years the only guests who have lost their deposit did not do anything to deserve losing it, they were good respectful people... but they invited poorly. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU INVITE. They may cost you dearly if they are idiots. Ask yourself in advance... "would I trust this guy with a brand new Maserati? -with my children? -with my wife?"

This is like the top 20 NO-NOs or somthing, read this list and we really sound like jerks, but in reality we are pretty cool... however- some people actually need to be told these things. If you don't like this list PLEASE book a different cabin, we seek respectful people who 'get-it', who actually will let us know when they break something because they realize that we will really respect them back- if that doesn't sound familiar I can recommend other places.
  1. No Alcohol without prior approval
2. No Guns, pelet guns and BB guns included are not welcomed AT ALL.
3. NO pets at all... the clean-up cost you pay is very pricey, don't do it, not even outside.
4. No fires outside AT ALL, the only fires allowed are the woodstove and gas grill or in our on-the-deck gas marshmallow griller-thing.
5. PARTIES- no alcohol for any party groups, like birthdays and anniversaries.
6. Alcohol: allowable only with groups that have a principal signor over age 25.
7. Quiet groups: If we get a call from anyone your deposit will be at risk.
8. No alcohol with any groups with ATVs- PERIOD. If this is a priority please book elsewhere and save yourself from losing your deposit
9. ATVs and snowmobiles ONLY on the driveway- on the grounds? on neighbors property = good bye deposit.
  1. NO SMOKING in the cabin, around the cabin, and we charge for cleaning up cig butts, so really, we'd rather you did it in Midway
  2. ATVs 25mph max
  3. NO street parking or other driveways EVER EVER, you'll be towed without notice which REALLY sucks since they can tow it to SLC
13. Turn off lights, AC, fans and in winter close all windows before you leave.
  1. Don't rearrange the furniture, this is not your den
  2. If you break something let us know, we're cool- if we have to find it and bill you, it's then expensive
  3. Treat everything like it's your own and you actually care about it, or maybe NOT like your own but like someone you respect and want to take care of
  4. Respect the wildlife, do not harm, touch or try to approach any of the animal life, carve your name in a tree and I pray it falls on your car
18. Clean the gas grills after you use them, common sense... turn off the gas too pls
  1. Clean your own dishes, pots, microwave disasters, pans, etc, the cleaning crew are not related to you (at least that I know of)
20. Put away and care for video games and board games, KEEP THEM UP HIGH and don't lose the pieces or let little Carver eat them or stick them in his diaper

What you should know... and what you need to tell Uncle Clive before he arrives and ruins your deposit and vacay.