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Reunions... our main dish
Our summertime is not called high season, it is reunion season. We have designed the cabin experience with one main goal... to have gathering areas for small groups, games and entertainment for all ages, and to be able to eat together, strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories for years to come.

Some cabins are really nice, but so nice you are cringing the whole time wondering what vase junior is knocking over next. Some cabins are not that, but clearly haven't had an update since Grandpa built it in his 20's. Some cabin's feel like someone else's house that you have been allowed to stay in for a few nights and it just doesn't let you settle in... then there's ours. Guests designed it and it's made for you. Look at our reviews... it's nice, really nice, but not in a delicate-walk-on-egg-shell way, in a homey let the kids run and play style. Be wise.

We also have a niche of guest we target. Who is that? Family based groups that are relaxed, fun, respectful and are in professional careers or business owners. We do not click with the very high maintenance crowd; we also do not want those who are nervous Nellie about everything... as we are in the middle of the woods. See a cobweb? it's a cabin.

We are well set up for large groups, we regularly have guests tell us they have rented cabins for years and has never seen a cabin so well stocked, with so many kitchen tools for large groups, etc. etc. Some of the list...
Large group serving bowls, large cooking pots, dual fridge for storage, cabinet space for groceries, in-room white noise sound so kids sleep, 3 high chairs, 2 port-a-cribs, kids loft, dining room table for 12 and dining room seating for 16, rice makers, crock pots, griddles, 8 water pitchers, service for 30, bla bla bla...

If you require some special thing, like a fondue pot, please bring it; we have some specialty stuff but not everything.

You probably want to consider doing paper and plastic if you have a big group... otherwise hire someone to do dishes and kitchen service. We have people that can do that for you if you need, as well as in-house chef and other amenities.

So you no longer fit at Mom and Dad's house...
Learn lessons from previous guests...
Get paid by relatives BEFORE you send them directions.
Make sure all relatives KNOW the policies. THEY are usually the ones that cause trouble and cause deposits to be lost.
Make sure everyone brings paper copies of directions. No cell service. GPS have also gotten LOTS of guests lost.
Strip used beds at check out... in bedding is where we find the most lost and found items.
Drink plenty of water... the cabin is technically in a desert and the air is VERY dry.
Altitude sickness is real` especially if coming from sea-level.