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Over the years we have collected some of the off topic questions we get asked often... here are a few.

Q: Is nightly rental legal where you are?
A: No. We however are grandfathered, having been a nightly rental since 1984 and having a few other prerequisites met we are a legal rental.

Q: Are there bear in your area?
A: Yes, and zebra; and I have seen more zebra locally than bear by far. The last time a bear was reported in our part of the mountain was 2010. I saw a zebra (literally) just this year- some guy outside of Park City has one- true story. We don't worry much about bear, when spotted on the mountain the extent of their mischief has been cubs getting into trash cans left out. Cougar? Yes, but not in our area and they stay very well hidden and keep away from people. We do recommend adult supervision of the little ones, I think the greater risks come from spraining an ankle on mountain turf, getting into nettle or a badger?
Q: Can I have my wedding there?
A: No. Nor your reception.

Q: Why can't I have my wedding there? I always wanted my wedding in the mountains in a cabin... so romantic don't you think?
A: If your head count TOTAL is under 20., including all maybe guests, catering, photographer, planner, and clergy, maybe; If you want mountain burrs on your formal wear, maybe; If you want to risk the catering guy getting lost and being 2 hours late if he shows up with your cold food as there is little to no cell coverage, maybe; If you want to risk it with the weather... get the picture? It sounded so dreamy too... sorry to pop your bubble. Rent a place designed for it so everyone can come and it isn't the trainwreck you'll never forget.

Q: Is there cell service?
A: Verizon ONLY on the newest software update in the rec room and only while in downward dog pose... on weekdays.

Q: Can we do a Yoga retreat there?
A: Only if you are searching for cell service. No, we lack open floor space unless you are a Yoga group of 2.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?
A: Yes, we do. Don't cancel. kidding- kinda. Be firm when you book; we do not offer refunds but may credit you if we can resell your dates, etc. etc. on a per case basis. We aren't jerks... we just want firm commits.

Q: No pets?! -What if my pet is housetrained?
A: Then leave them at your house. No pets. Zero exceptions unless your pet is the African deer that excretes no urine and has no hair. We have so many guests with allergy sensitivity that we cannot have any animals of any type- the last time we had to clean the cabin for dander and pet hair the guest bill was over $2000- try cleaning hair off 26 ft high log walls..

Q: Is there wheel chair access? handicap accesss?
A: Hard call. Doors are wide enough but no access to the toilets. So if your guest is able to self toilet and stand and sit by themselves then it might work.
from the driveway to the main room there are 3-4 low wide steps with a railing. There is a lower master and bathroom as well for the more "seasoned" members of your family who can't do stairs. The doors are 36 in on most of those except the lower master bedroom I think is 32 wide.

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